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Welcome to Budapestevent Hostess Agency!

Find practiced, highly qualified, kindly, multilingual hosts and hostesses to your highlighted event at our hostess agency in Budapest!

Our hostess agency in Budapest – as part of Budapestevent Company – provides professional hostess service on a wide range of events since 2005, within Budapest and at a locations out of Budapest in Hungary as well. Our continuously growing database is built up by hostess girls and host boys with years of experience and practice. Our Agency provides the hostess rental service from its own database, without involving any other agency. Therefore we can directly prepare our hostesses for the actual event, so that they have all the necessary information to do their best during the events. The hostesses can be hired for different types of events, such as conferences, corporate events, press event, team-buildings, family days, receptions, galas, grand openings, award ceremonies, business events, exhibitions, workshops, promotions and fashion-shows…